Richards Nursery, Inc.


   Jul 18

About Us


Richard’s Nursery was established in 1941, by Richard Polakovich, and has

     remained a family owned business for over 70 years.

Originally specializing in liners, we now grow a wide variety of container

          plants ranging from 3gal. to 20gal. 

Richard Polakovich began the business in 1941 with bedding liners and in the 1970′s, his sons Mike and

Keith bought the family business and continued to offer their customers the same great customer service as their father.

As young men, Mike and Keith became very active in the community and began serving our community

in multiple roles and the town of Forest Hill grew to become one of the largest suppliers of nursery plants in the United States.  As leaders in the industry and leaders in the community, serving customers and

serving the community with the highest of integrity became our way of life.  As we continue to grow and change the family business is being passed down to include the third generation of family members; from grandfather, to father, now to daughter and son.  Today Mike, wife Inez, son Chris, and daughter

Cathy Jo take great pride in the rich family history, community service and growing exceptional quality

plants. With the integrity once began with Richard Polakovich, the tradition lives on through his


If you are in the area, stop by and meet our family.